Can airports prevent holiday travel delays? The state of AI in the aviation industry suggests it is possible.

Flight delays cause considerable harm to airport customer satisfaction during the holidays. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress it put on the industry, holiday air travel was marked by hours-long waits at the gate and on the tarmac due to inclement weather–the number one reason for holiday travel delays–and other issues. While some things are beyond the control of airport managers and staff, the need for optimized processes is clear, and that’s where Synaptic Aviation can help.

Travelers dread flying during the holiday season, and not without reason, which means airport personnel need to do everything in their power to keep customers happy. The rise of AI in the aviation industry can help assuage travelers’ fears and increase customer satisfaction by reducing delays during the holidays.

Are certain locations more prone to delays than others during the holiday season?

While it might seem logical that airports located in cooler climates would experience more delays during the holidays because of snow and ice, according to a study conducted by Magnify Money, airports in warmer locations are not spared.

In the study, the airports with the highest reported percentage of delayed holiday flights between 2008 and 2017 were:

·   Chicago Midway – 61.5% of flights delayed

·   Chicago O’Hare – 61.6% of flights delayed

·   Newark Liberty – 62.2% of flights delayed

·   Denver – 64.1% of flights delayed

·   New York Kennedy – 64.8% of flights delayed

·   Houston Hobby – 66% of flights delayed

·   Oakland – 66.1% of flights delayed

·   Salt Lake City – 67.5% of flights delayed

·   Baltimore – 68% of flights delayed

With Houston and Oakland as outliers in these statistics, it is apparent that no airport is exempt from delays at one of the busiest times of the year.

How AI in the Aviation Industry Helps Mitigate Travel Delays

With increased reliance on AI in the aviation industry, airport personnel and managers still have a way to overcome some common obstacles that are under their control.

Here are a few ways AI can help reduce the occurrence of delays during the holidays.

Increased Safety

Injuries and equipment damage on the ground prior to takeoff can delay a flight significantly. AI in the aviation industry has come a long way in preventing injuries during loading. For instance, Synaptic Aviation helps eliminate unsafe driving on the apron, ensures ground crew are wearing all required safety equipment and clothing, and sends a warning when vehicles are improperly parked and loading bridges are not fully retracted.

Optimized Operations

Optimizing operations helps ensure smooth transitions between flights. With AI technology, airports can track the progress of loading and unloading, fueling, and catering services.

Real-Time Alerts

AI can also provide alerts to those who need to know when things go wrong. Synaptic Aviation’s technology allows airport personnel to set their own parameters for alerts so that they can correct course for common negative events.

Better Training

AI in the aviation industry also allows airports to customize their training depending on the most common mistakes. Trainers can use the video captured by Synaptic Aviation’s AI to demonstrate and correct improper procedures and mistakes that happen during operations.

AI in the aviation industry is more sophisticated than ever. Are you ready to implement it for your customers?

Ready to see how AI can improve your airport and keep your customers satisfied? Having the ability to understand immediately the root cause of your operational disruptions on the ground is priceless. Synaptic Aviation has the technology to provide the answers automatically and with no effort. Request a demo at synapticaviation.com or contact us at 844-505-4496.


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