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Reduce Taxi-In Times

Crew and gate readiness are key factors in guaranteeing a smooth arrival to the stand. The last 300 feet of the approach are in control of the carrier/handler

  • Arrival disruptions in the vicinity of the gate are often overlooked and rarely measured
  • Long taxi-in times often reflect a lack of readiness at the gate
  • Being arrival-ready saves precious time at the turn.
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Lower APU usage, Less Jet Fuel Burn and Noise Prevention

Real-time reporting of Ground Power Assistance through:

  • Automating manual tasks and measuring activities to create new benchmarks; measuring automatically and consistently allows customers to create new benchmarks
  • Reducing ground crew reaction time to connect ground power to the aircraft reduces APU usage which saves Jet Fuel, reduces CO2 emissions, and minimizes noise
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Optimize Gate Utilization and Reduce Turnaround Times

By eliminating friction in arrival and departure service routines, it is possible to minimize ground time. Measuring every task is the basis for understanding where the opportunities are and working on the right problem every time.

  • Automatic and consistent measurement of performance uncovers missed opportunities
  • Work on solving the right problem
  • Consistent measurements reveal patterns that lead to predictions to prevent recurrence
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