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About Synaptic Aviation

Synaptic Aviation is an AI technology company trusted by customers in the aviation sector worldwide. Synaptic Aviation’s accurate, scalable, and proprietary AI-powered software utilizes computer vision to capture real-time information about its customers’ operations. The software solutions increase operational visibility and detect risks, enabling customers to elevate safety standards, improve compliance and significantly increase operational efficiency.



Improve the passenger experience with advanced AI tech, creating a consistently efficient and sustainable aviation industry.



Enhance aviation by leveraging advanced AI to address operational challenges for airlines, airports, MROs, and ground service providers like never before.

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Ground operations have long suffered from a lack of technological advancement, leading to stagnant, sluggish, and outdated tools. At Synaptic Aviation, we are introducing a fresh approach to a market in dire need of it. Through our innovative solutions, we are unearthing valuable insights that will render the traditional “the way it’s always been done” obsolete.

At Synaptic Aviation, we are strong advocates of the power of innovative technology and process enhancements to elevate the aviation industry. Our mission is clear: we aim to create a more sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable aviation experience by directly addressing issues like wasted time, unnecessary expenses, and overlooked opportunities. Pushing AI’s Boundaries —Operating in an ever-changing environment, airport gates and aprons present intricate challenges. Nevertheless, Synaptic Aviation’s technology stands out with its maturity and reliability, excelling in this dynamic setting.

Sustainability is a top priority for Synaptic Aviation. The technology conserves jet fuel to protect the environment and implements sustainable operational practices, fostering strong and enduring business models. This commitment to sustainability propels positive change in the aviation sector.

At Synaptic Aviation, our pride lies in discovering inventive solutions for our customers. This entails embracing novelty and exploring uncharted paths whenever necessary.

Synaptic Aviation’s AI solution is designed with scalability in mind and can easily accommodate growing user demands; its dynamic architecture allows for effortless expansion that can match operational complexities while maintaining optimal efficiency and reliability.

The aviation industry has a culture of continuous improvement in safety by relying on lessons learned, new aircraft designs, consistent training, and technology. Our goal is to make the ecosystem even safer by automating routine audits and ramp observations with the use of AI and computer vision. Inexperienced ground crews can get a helping hand when the AI reminds them of completing a pre-arrival FOD walk or receive an automatic alert about ground equipment that is preventing an aircraft from approaching a stand.
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Unlike typical software developers, we are aviation veterans with profound expertise in the industry. Our focus is on crafting software that precisely caters to the operational challenges encountered by airlines, airports, ground support, and MROs every day. Having walked the ramps and tarmac ourselves, we intimately understand the struggles our customers face, which drives us to create tailored solutions for them.

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Juan M. Gómez


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Sal Salman

President / CTO

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David Neithardt