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Improve operations for more efficiency and precision while eliminating avoidable revenue leaks.

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AI capability gets better as it learns, making it possible to automate routine tasks such as the visual inspection of aircraft movement areas, whether on the tarmac or hangar. And through remote operations management and task automation, MRO teams reduce operational costs and free up resources that can be redeployed to value-adding activities.

Improve Vendor Performance

Stay informed, optimize performance, and uphold uncompromising standards throughout your operations. With real-time alerts and automated SLA management, enhance safety protocols by ensuring proper harness usage and the effective placement of aircraft cones. Improve invoicing accuracy by tracking man-hours plane-side.

Automate Quality Control Inspections

Store images and maintain documentation of parts getting shipped for third-party repairs, so when they return, the AI engine can review the quality of the assembly and continue to identify defects or repair failures as needed. By empowering teams with AI to identify defects quickly, engineers can focus efforts on proactively fixing common points of friction and work toward extending parts lives.

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