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Elevate aviation data from stagnant, reflective information to predictive intelligence that informs smart decisions days, weeks, and even months ahead of an incident.

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Improve operational efficiencies on arrival, during turnaround, and while departing to help mitigate delays, increase safety, and decrease engine and APU fuel burn (reducing CO2 footprint) with Synaptic’s AI-powered aviation software.

Lower Airline Operational Costs

Reduce costs associated with poor on-time performance, such as eliminating avoidable aircraft holds for gates that are not ready upon arrival, lowering fuel burn, decreasing unnecessary APU and jet engine use, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Mitigate Airline Delays

Eliminate avoidable delays caused by late loading, late catering, a lack of GSE, and others with real-time alerts. These notify you in real-time when a team or vendor falls behind and when aggregated over time these alerts can reveal trends that are the basis for predictive analytics. Our technology enhances decision-making as it constantly predicts departure times notifying when it’s time to switch plans to avoid impactful service disruptions.

Boost Airline Customer Service

With real-time alerts and predictive intelligence, airlines can more consistently meet service level targets, ensuring more arrivals are free of disruptions, quicker baggage delivery, reduced baggage damages, and increased on-time departure rates, resulting in better customer experiences.


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