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AI-backed aviation intelligence for better decision-making at the gate, or on the apron.

Synaptic’s revolutionary AI platform uses AI and computer vision technology to track apron operations and detect risks and service disruptions before they occur, reduce costs associated with ground operation mishaps, and record turnaround milestone data to improve future performance.

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Why Synaptic Aviation?

Synaptic Aviation is a technology company with aviation on its DNA. Airlines, Airports, Ground Service Providers, and Maintenance organizations can leverage Synaptic’s advanced AI technology to increase their operational visibility, improve efficiency, lower operational costs, and elevate safety.

About Synaptic Aviation

Data is meaningless until we can do something with it.

Using data in the right format and at the right time can provide insight, therefore promoting data-based decision-making and leading to enhanced performance.

For years, ground operations information has been fragmented, inconsistent, and unreliable. Synaptic Aviation is helping eliminate these challenges.

Misinformation is history.

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Improve Arrival Readiness

Synaptic monitors each aircraft’s arriving stand and comes to life by sendings real-time alerts if crews are absent, obstacles are present or anything else is preventing an on-time arrival at the gate.


Speed Up Turnaround

By accurately recording the start and end times of key turnaround milestones, users can see where they’re losing time or at risk of burning unnecessary fuel, and can make adjustments accordingly.


Ensure Safety and Compliance

Whether it’s real-time alerts for safety envelope obstruction or tracking compliance for pre-arrival FOD walks, Synaptic is committed to preventing aircraft and property damage, and ground service crews injuries.

Reduced avoidable gate holds of all arrivals in six months from 17% to
Improvements in gate-readiness reduced long taxi-in events by
Improved crew response time to connecting Ground Power Support from A+4.5 to

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Synaptic is already providing insights to some of the world’s largest airlines and highest-profile airports, will you be next?


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