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Synaptic Aviation’s automated real-time alerts and customized reports equip airports with data-driven insights that democratize operational data sharing and result in a greener, leaner, and safer airport operation.

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Synaptic Aviation offers the new generation of airport workers intuitive and efficient tools to perform their jobs. With comprehensive visibility into airport ground operations, you can be both predictive and proactive in improving your airport’s operational efficiency.


Improve Airport Operational Efficiency

Videos, service-activity timestamps, alerts, and real-time operational information can be integrated into existing airport systems to give you eyes on the tarmac. With complete visibility, you can increase gate utilization, reduce taxiway and apron congestion, and optimize aircraft movements.


Enhance Financial Performance

Airports can unlock new functionality from aging infrastructure and reduce capital expenditures by integrating AI into their current setup. With AI capabilities, an old passenger loading bridge can have a new lease on life, enabling it to track movements and provide status reports. Synaptic’s cutting-edge technology empowers airports to enhance functionality and reduce overall operating costs by simply adding a camera’s perspective.


Cultivate a Positive Reputation

With enhanced efficiency and increased airport capacity, you can better serve passengers. A smooth travel experience boosts customer perception ratings while advancing sustainability goals through reduced fuel consumption and increased ground crew safety. Elevate your airport’s reputation with these positive impacts.


Provide Customers and Staff with Truthful and Pertinent Information

Data points provided by Synaptic Aviation allow airports to communicate in new ways with a new generation of data-hungry travelers. Imagine yourself at the bag claim area waiting for your checked bags, and the airport provides you with information in real-time when the bags are being offloaded and on their way, and sends a short video clip of the process? It is all possible now.

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