How is AI supporting airport-airline optimization efforts? This article explores an answer.

Industry commentators have shared a common concern during the COVID-19 pandemic: we need to be more tech-savvy and adaptable to survive a new world order.

We propose a quick exercise: when you decide to fly again, and you are in the boarding area of the departing gate, peek outside the window and see the work happening around the aircraft…notice if anything has changed since the first flight you ever took. Except for some technological advancements that help ground crews to be in control of baggage load-offload (so your bags are not left behind), you’ll be surprised to learn that ground operations use nearly the same methods, resources, and equipment that were introduced at the beginning of the jet age. That is ripe for disruption.

With recent advancements in AI, airport ground operations will suffer a transformation, and mostly because these emerging technologies track ground activities and deliver usable real-time information that results in tangible cost reductions and improve the passenger experience; AI has been proven to help mitigate delays and increase safety.

Airports and airlines need to prioritize including AI in their near-term optimization plans if they want to secure a path back to sustained profitability.

AI Increases Feedback to Help with Airport Optimization

Airlines can automate the collection of airport data and then intelligently analyze it to realize massive gains in efficiency.

As airports increase in size and travelers change the way they travel, small fixes in airport optimization will help make for a smoother boarding and loading process.

With continual feedback from AI systems, such as video playback capabilities and real-time alerts that allow operators to correct course, airports and airlines can see exactly where they can improve performance and create a plan to enhance their operations.

Get Better Insights into Planning

Emerging AI systems are showing their ability to provide recommendations, informed by data that would be impractical and virtually impossible to collect manually. With relevant insights provided by the data collected it is now possible to understand the true root cause of service disruptions and predict when they will reoccur.

Operators cannot only see where performance is best and where it is lacking but also how all the moving parts of ground servicing fit together. From aircraft loading-offloading and fueling to features that detect risky behavior that could lead to accidents and damaged equipment, AI helps create a full picture for users.

Flight Operations Are Getting Safer, but There’s Still Room for Improvement

Airport and airline safety has improved progressively in recent years. Unfortunately, airports are continuing to be built and operated with insufficient safety measures for passengers, pilots, and support crew members and it is not a surprise that most aircraft incidents and damages occur now on the ground. Collecting and exchanging critical safety data could allow airports to identify dangerous hazards before takeoff, increasing flight safety.

AI and Airport Optimization Example: Ground Operations

With easy-to-use AI tools for data collection, organizations can now ensure the safety of their ramp operations teams. With AI from Synaptic Aviation, users can receive a proactive alert of any safety or efficiency issues they are facing so they can relay information where it is needed. Our technology makes it easier for everyone to stay on the same page, improving ramp security measures considerably. For example, our AI can detect:

  • Dangerous maneuvers around aircraft during loading and unloading
  • Whether safety cones have been placed properly and in a way that maximizes efficiency
  • Worker compliance with safety protocols

Airports will rely on AI tools in 2022 in order to optimize operations based on a variety of factors. Our tools use video sensors and vast amounts of data from the ground to identify where operators have gone wrong and how to fix mistakes in the moment to be able to recover.

Request a demo at synapticaviation.com or contact us at 844-505-4496 to learn how our AI technology can help you improve your airport operations.


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