In recent news, a bizarre incident took place at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. A man approached an airplane ready for takeoff and proceeded to climb onto the wing of said plane. After pilots alerted the tower, law enforcement officials came to arrest this individual. Before being arrested, the man fell off of the airplane wing, potentially injuring himself. While no one else was injured, the plane had to return and receive a full inspection — meaning passengers experienced a flight delay. We do not yet know how the airline has responded to prevent future incidents such as these. Still, the situation begs a few particular questions: How can airlines mitigate problems before they cause financial or reputational damage? Can AI in the aviation industry help?

Delays Deteriorate Your Bottom Line

This incident is not an everyday occurrence. Nevertheless, airlines must prepare to deal with any inconveniences or emergencies at a moment’s notice. The best protocol is one that prevents a small event from becoming a large crisis or delay. This requires airlines to implement proactive measures that:
1) Catch a problem in its tracks
2) Streamline a solution
3) Promptly return operations to normal in a timely manner

Naturally, airlines will not be able to control certain factors such as extreme weather or maintenance revisions. Other elements, however, can be caught early instead of triggering preventable delays. According to the Bureau of Transportation, late arrivals account for 20% of all delays. In fact, tardy arrivals are the primary reason for airline on-time deterioration. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging solution that has shown promising results in mitigating preventable delays.

How Does AI in the Aviation Industry Improve Operational Dependability and Efficiency?

Synaptic Aviation’s technology works by imitating human cognitive functions to detect unusual events. Artificial intelligence tracks critical activities, sends real-time alerts as soon as it detects anomalies, and swiftly recommends actionable solutions. As soon as an airplane approaches the arrival gate, the system comes alive and analyzes activities. Once the technology becomes familiar with your operations, it becomes more and more efficient.

We know firsthand how diminishing delays will improve efficiency, increase your bottom line, and promote customer satisfaction. To present tangible evidence to the table, Synaptic Aviation has conducted a case study with one of the airlines that has implemented our technology.
● Our AI monitored 2,737 flights
● Where installed, our AI has helped to eliminate aircraft holds by 90%
● Real-time alerts helped prompt immediate action, minimizing turnaround delays
● Annualized savings exceed $50K/year per gate where the system is present
● They saved 13,845 gallons of jet fuel, which translates into 134,962 kilograms of CO2 avoided

Our blend of computer technology and the human touch save you time and money. We partner with you to keep your airline ground operations on-track and on-time arrival to departure. To avoid delays, finger-pointing, and investigations, our solution provides real-time high-definition videos of key activities. Our alerts system allows your teams to course-correct and collaborate. Synaptic Aviation’s Ramp Operations Optimization Tool (ROOT) quickly pays for itself in improved efficiency, lower fuel burn, increased safety, reduced SLA penalties, and enhanced brand reputation.

Looking for a demo of our AI? Let us show you how simple and effective it can be to implement. Request a demo today at www.synapticaviation.com or contact us at 844-505-4496.


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