Learn how to reduce aircraft turnaround time using Synaptic Aviation’s artificial intelligence tools.

Maintaining efficient turnaround processes is essential for airlines and airports to stay profitable. Ground support is under increasing pressure to reduce turnaround times while staying in line with safety procedures to avoid preventable accidents. With so many moving pieces, it can be difficult to see where ground handling operations can improve their efficiency.

Artificial intelligence allows for better insights into operations and safety and provides tools for better training and real-time monitoring.

How to Reduce Aircraft Turnaround Time Using Artificial Intelligence

1. Audit and analyze your operations.

2. Increase ground crew safety.

3. Add training resources for better insights.

4. Monitor aircraft turnaround in real time.

1. Audit and analyze your operations.

When ground support trams take risks or work inefficiently, turnaround time can suffer. Artificial intelligence that captures every moving part of the turnaround process can help you to find inefficiencies and correct them. With AI from Synaptic Aviation, you can search and review videos of your operations, which allows you to audit your procedures from start to finish and analyze how your team works together during turnaround.

2. Increase ground crew safety.

Accidents at the gate and on the apron, where 80 percent of accidents occur, cause significant delays. One of the key pieces of learning how to reduce aircraft turnaround time is maintaining high levels of safety. Adding AI to your operations allows you to catch accidents before they happen. For instance, if a crew member is driving unsafely around the aircraft, the AI will notify you so you can address the situation.

3. Add training resources for better insights.

In addition to auditing and analyzing the videos and alerts captured by Synaptic Aviation’s AI, you can use the videos to train your ground support crew in real-life situations. Whether you are training new crew members or reviewing procedures with those who have worked in the profession for a while, the videos the system captures will help you demonstrate good and bad practices to your team.

4. Monitor aircraft turnaround in real time.

Good communication is critical during aircraft turnaround. Not only does ground support need to work together to be efficient, but you also need to know when your team falls behind or makes risky decisions that could lead to an injury or equipment damage. Our AI captures data and alerts you in real time about anything you might need to know so you can direct your team to make up for lost time.

Learn How to Reduce Aircraft Turnaround Time with AI from Synaptic Aviation

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