Picture this: You’re standing in the middle of an airport terminal, surrounded by bustling crowds and the sound of announcements blaring over the intercom. Somewhere in the chaos, you hear that your flight has been delayed. Unfortunately, it’s a scene that’s all too familiar to many of our customers. But what if I told you there was a way to make this chaotic experience a little more seamless and enjoyable for your passengers?  With the power of AI technology, Synaptic Aviation is revolutionizing how we experience travel. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Synaptic Aviation can improve your airline customer experience.

5 Ways to Improve Airline Customer Experience with AI from Synaptic Aviation

Eliminate Avoidable Operational Disruptions

One of the most frustrating parts of air travel is the potential for disruptions. These can include long lines at security, delayed flights, and missed connections. With the help of Synaptic Aviation, airlines can use AI technology to identify potential disruptions before they occur and take proactive measures to prevent them.

One of the key ways that Synaptic Aviation achieves this is through automatic turn tracking. By consistently and automatically detecting turnaround activity, Synaptic Aviation provides timestamps that reveal areas of opportunity for improvement in real-time for day-to-day operations. This enables airlines to determine the root cause of disruptions and make necessary adjustments to improve service delivery and resolve issues.

In fact, this technology has been shown to improve on-time performance (OTP) by over 3%, which can result in savings of up to $35K per gate per year. In addition, with our automatic turn tracking, airlines can significantly reduce the likelihood of operational disruptions and improve the overall customer experience.

Faster Baggage Delivery

The waiting and uncertainty at the baggage carousel can be some of the most frustrating experiences for any traveler. The longer you wait, the more anxious you become about whether your luggage made it onto the plane with you. On the other hand, delays in loading baggage onto an airplane can affect departure times. With our AI technology, airlines can communicate actively and automatically about the baggage handling process and execute faster, more reliable baggage loading and unloading routines.

Fewer Baggage Damage Incidents 

In addition to lost luggage, damaged luggage can be a significant inconvenience for travelers. With Synaptic Aviation’s AI-powered system, airlines can detect potential issues with luggage handling before it becomes a problem for the customer. This means luggage is less likely to be damaged during handling, reducing the need for settling costly claims. The ability to provide immediate and relevant feedback to ramp crews translates into a change of behavior. With fewer baggage damage incidents, your passengers can travel with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are in good hands.

On-Time Departures 

For most travelers, a delayed or canceled flight can completely derail their travel plans. Whether it results in a missed connection or an unexpected layover, a delay or cancelation can cause stress and frustration, which can affect the likelihood that your passengers will use your airline in the future. Our AI technology can help airlines reduce the likelihood of delays and improve on-time performance using real-time information and predicted off-block times.

By using multiple data points and real-time performance data, our technology provides airlines with up-to-date information about departure times. This includes predicted departure times and timestamps released as events occur, allowing airlines to recover from disruptions or prevent avoidable delays.

With real-time information and predicted off-block times, airlines can better manage their resources and optimize operations to ensure timely departures. This improves the customer experience and can lead to significant cost savings and increased customer loyalty for airlines.

Information Insights That Produce Changed Ground Handling Behavior

Synaptic Aviation’s AI technology doesn’t just provide real-time information – it can also produce valuable insights that can significantly improve ground personnel skill and change unsafe or inefficient behavior. By tracking every aspect of the airline operation, from baggage handling to fueling and catering, our AI system can provide consistent and unbiased reports to help airlines identify potential areas for improvement and adjust the training curriculums to address operational needs. 

With our data-driven insights, airlines can change their ground-handling behavior to reduce disruptions and improve the customer experience. This can include providing quicker baggage delivery, reducing bag damages, and improving on-time departures. As a result, customers experience friction-free arrivals, which leads to a better overall customer experience.

Learn How Synaptic Aviation Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

Air travel doesn’t have to be a headache, nor should it be. With Synaptic Aviation’s AI technology, airlines and airports can improve the airline customer experience in various ways – from eliminating avoidable disruptions to improving baggage handling and reducing delays. Your passengers can travel with peace of mind knowing that your airline uses the latest technology to provide a better travel experience. Ready to put our artificial intelligence to the test? Request a demo today by visiting www.synapticaviation.com or call us at 844-505-4496.

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