Air travel difficulties are on the rise. Here are some of the primary causes to help you keep your customers happy.

1. Air traffic control issues

One of the most common reasons for flight delays is issues with air traffic control. Air traffic controllers have a challenging job, and even a tiny mistake can cause significant delays.

2. Weather

Bad weather is another major factor that can lead to flight delays and cancellations. Strong winds, thunderstorms, and even heavy snow can make it difficult or impossible for flights to take off and land safely.

3. Maintenance or mechanical problems

Sometimes, delays are caused by maintenance or mechanical problems with the plane itself. These issues can range from small things like a broken coffee maker to more serious problems like engine failure.

4. Runway congestion

If an airport has a lot of traffic, it can lead to delays as planes have to wait their turn to take off and land. This is especially common during busy travel times like holidays.

5. Late-arriving aircraft

If the plane that was supposed to take you to your destination is late arriving, it can cause a domino effect of delays for other flights. This is often out of the airline’s control, as it can be caused by things like weather or other delays at the plane’s original departure airport.

6. Crew availability

If there is a problem with the plane’s crew, it can cause delays. This could be anything from the staff not being able to arrive on time to one of the members becoming sick and needing to be replaced.

7. Air travel security issues

Security issues, such as long lines at security checkpoints, can also lead to flight delays. Sometimes lack of security personnel can cause problems, as well.

8. Passengers

Believe it or not, passengers can also cause delays. Things like passengers taking too long to board the plane or baggage issues can make it difficult to get a flight off on time.

9. Airport construction

Sometimes, airport construction can lead to delays, as it can cause things like congestion and closures of certain runways.

10. Airline policies

Lastly, airline policies can also contribute to flight delays. For example, if an airline has a policy of overbooking flights, it can cause problems when there are not enough seats for all of the passengers.

Conclusion: AI Can Help Air Travel Difficulties

As you can see, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to air travel delays and cancellations. Unfortunately, there is no one easy solution to fix the problem. However, understanding the causes can help you prepare for future delays and make the best of a difficult situation.

Looking to reduce your airline or airport’s delays and cancelations? AI can help you streamline your processes. Request a demo at synapticaviation.com or contact us at 844-505-4496.


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