Based on a telephone survey with 1,500 randomly selected U.S. airline customers, the 7th most used airline also proved to be the worst for customer experience—scores of poor customer experience made up 16.4% of their overall ratings. In the airline industry, a smooth and timely customer experience is the ultimate goal while your travelers are sailing through departures and arrivals. While airlines may still struggle in this respect, it provides an excellent opportunity for additional revenue. When forming an airline customer experience management strategy, an artificial intelligence tool like Synaptic Aviation may help you close the gap between customer use and customer satisfaction.

What Creates an Excellent Customer Experience?

Airlines have made great strides in curating an excellent experience through varied seat choices and elite dining options, but there is still much room for improvement in other areas. According to a 2019 Qualtrics study, there are five main reasons why a customer refuses to fly with an airline again:

1) 39% of customers cited lost luggage.

2) 38% cited hidden fees.

3) 35% cited flight cancellations.

4) 25% cited unfriendly flight crews.

5) 25% cited unclean restrooms.

Part of your airline customer experience management strategy must also include ways to appeal to the next generation of passengers. Millennials and baby boomers have different priorities when it comes to travel. Consider these statistics:

  • Millennials are twice as likely to stop using an airline over a delayed flight.
  • However, they are 25% less likely to stop using an airline over lack of legroom.
  • Baby boomers are 2.5 times more likely to state that having no assigned seat was their biggest frustration.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Synaptic Aviation’s AI tool provides unprecedented visibility into the baggage loading process and insight into the landing, taxiing, or docking status of an inbound or outbound flight. This new clarity allows you to communicate effectively within your team and with customers, resulting in various new improvements:

Reduce Waiting Time for Passengers

As flight operations have improved, an upgraded Air Navigation System can now manage air traffic more efficiently. An aircraft can arrive earlier than anticipated, but there may still be delays on the ground that prevent passengers from reaching their layover flight or destination on time.

An AI-powered system like Synaptic Aviation can help airlines avoid these events by alerting ground crews about an inbound aircraft. The system should also issue real-time alerts in case an aircraft reaches the gate and the ground crew is not ready.

Keep Passengers Informed

One of the most frustrating events for passengers is waiting in an aircraft cabin with no indication of when they will be able to exit. After the aircraft parks at a gate, our AI tool can identify when the Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB) is not connected within a specified period of time so your crews can keep customers informed.

Improve Passenger Comfort

Oftentimes, passengers are left waiting in uncomfortably warm temperatures when ground crews do not connect the appropriate units to the aircraft. Synaptic Aviation’s technology alerts crews to prepare to connect ground power and air conditioning units on time.

Boost On-Time Performance

Through our AI, airlines can avoid or minimize common service failures before they turn into controllable delays. Better on-time performance leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Polish Your Airline Customer Experience Management Strategy

The use of artificial intelligence in aviation is often neglected in customer service, but a cutting edge partner like Synaptic Aviation can help you implement a technological solution with ease.

Ready to test our AI? Let Synaptic Aviation show you how simple and effective it can be to implement. Request a demo today at www.synapticaviation.com or contact us at 844-505-4496.


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